(I am no way sponsored by the game developers to mention their games, this is my own opinion).

I often sit here on my sofa wondering whether I should start a blog, then I think to myself nah who the heck would read it? Would anyone actually be interested in my random jargon that I do in my life? Well I guess I will find out aye…..

Hey my name is Rebecca, I’m a full-time mama to my 2 beautiful kids (my fiance ventures off to work so I’m alone most of the time with the kids depending what time his shifts are). I love life as a mama, its difficult some times but it is worth every second of it! Some times i really want to pull my hair out and some days I wish there was more hours in the day for cuddles, playing at the park and reading stories. We try to make every day as fun as it can be. For example today me and my eldest went bug collecting. We had a blast! Her very first bug hotel. Visitors from beyond the front garden to the depths of the back garden are now being looked after by my very happy 2-year-old. (She has a very gentle, loving nature and has been feeding and stroking her snails as well as holding all the other creepy crawlies she found).  Her smiles make me complete………which gave me inspiration for tonight’s doodle.

So that is what we get up to during the day time, in my spare time when the kids are in bed and when I’m not seeing to my littlest during the night. I like to relax and play some games whilst having a little draw. I’m in no way means a games master nor am I a professional artist, but it’s what frees me at the end of the day so I thought I would share it with other like-minded people. I am a big browser-based gamer but I also like to play with my Nintendo collection occasionally to. I’m not entirely sure what attracts me to a game; whether it’s the graphics,  the way the game is laid out or even the way the game is played. Maybe I like a combination of all of them?

Here’s my most favorite browser-based games and a little bit why I like them.


Neopets – I Have been playing Neopets since I was 10 years old, I’m now in my early 20’s and still play it on a daily basis. I absolutely love the game so much, I would do anything to be part of the TNT team. There are way to many reasons why I like the game! I love collecting  the avatars, stamps, ect. Seeing all my NP (neopoints) in the bank makes me a bit giddy and wish it was real life. But most importantly doing my dailies to see if I’m lucky. Turns out my luck is not so good, I do occasionally get lucky and win something good though. I could write all day long about Neopets, it is a game close to my heart. I suggest any gamer to at least give neopets a go, it is just amazing and you will get instantly hooked! Link To Neopets


Dappervolk – Now this is a game I wish I had known about sooner! It is still currently in its beta stages but I am forever constantly kicking myself for not looking at Kickstarter whilst Dappervolk was seeking supporters. I have been playing this game for 6 days now and I am HOOKED! I feel like I’m playing on a games console whilst being on the computer. It is hard to explain but In the header of the browser there is your avatar to the left and an NPC to the right and in between is the dialog. It’s like an RPG at the top whilst the main components are located underneath with things like the world map, shops, mini games…..you get the drift. Now the artwork on this game is second to none, it is so whimsical and cute. The very amazing talented lady who created Dappervolk has done all the artwork her self and has been a huge inspiration to me for wanting to draw again. This is a game not to miss, the next sign up dates without a beta code will be the 17th March 3-5pm EST time. DO NOT MISS IT! Link To Dappervolk

Tattered Weave – I started playing this game about 2 days ago, so I’m still slowly getting into the swing of things. Its laid out differently to the other games I play which is probably the reason behind why I’m still getting to grips with it. But nether the less I really like the way you can craft food and have to source the raw materials to make the food and then you can feed it to your Keith (pet). I love the tailoring to, I have a passion for sewing and was really excited when I saw you could make your own clothes. Also I like waiting for the shops to restock in case anything interesting pops up. I have high expectations for this game in the future. Go take a look for yourself. Link To Tattered Weave

I will just leave you with 3 games that I play on a daily basis, I will cover certain topics, events, how to’s etc in future posts. Do you play any of these? Ever heard of them? Your favorite? Please let me know what you think below and maybe even leave your user name for the games you play and I will add you if I play them and if not then I will go and have a look.


That’s all for now, yes I know I can write so much. I am terrible, once I start I find it hard to stop. I will leave you all with my chibi nut I drew last night as I go and have a little doodle of a bug hotel.


Thanks for reading,